Gamezaur / New Office

Our domain wasn’t too catchy and we felt a new name would be good for us too. It would be like opening a new chapter of this story 🙂

After an intensive search, we chose a name with a free domain. We rebranded to Gamezaur. Obviously, we needed a new logo! Since it’s always hard to make designs for yourself, we decided to make a contest. We received a lot of cool designs, so we made a big vote among our friends and asked for their opinion. The choice was not so obvious!

Some of the Gamezaur logo candidates.

Finally, we chose the best candidate. When we saw it, we instantly fell in love with the abstract idea of a phone wearing a dino costume!


We also got ourselves a new, fancy office. We had been compromising for too long regarding working conditions. So let’s see:

  • Couch? Check.
  • Air conditioning? Check.
  • Roomba? Check.
  • 10 minutes walking distance from both of our homes? Check!
  • High-speed internet? CHECK!
Internet connection can never be too fast!

With our head of security in the person of Nori, a German shepherd, we felt unstoppable. This office was an investment in our future, a professional game cave with the best feng shui. We instantly got +3 to motivation and a 150% boost to efficiency. We got ourselves a few new habits to get stamina boost:

  • no more junk food *
  • push-ups during breaks

Time to do some serious stuff!

Nori, the construction manager.

* KFC is not junk food, is it?