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Kamil Kućma

game design, prototyping, art & sound

I started my career as a web designer. In the middle of my graphic design studies I founded a branding and design company. Switching to game development wasn't easy but it was one of the best decisions in my life.

I am married to the most beautiful redhead girl in the world. We have a German Shepherd with ADHD, and we are thinking about getting another dog - probably a dachshund.

I love games, guitars and survival gadgets. I don't like blunt knives but like blunt people. Looking for a perfect cabin in the wood to escape from the city noise that overwhelms me more and more.

Tomasz Wilczyński

game design and programming

I love programming - I find it the most creative thing in the world. For some people, it may be boring, but to me, it feels like flying. Before I jumped into game development, I was a Java developer for 8 years. When I displayed the first sprite on iPhone 3G, I was hooked.

I am married to the most beautiful blonde girl in the world. Sandra, you are my best friend and my light. Thank you for having me in your life.

I love abstract jokes, good movies, and hiking. I wake in the night with new ideas for tomorrow. I am stubborn beyond limits. I love sharing and teaching, and I can't wait until my son grows to ask me what his daddy does at work.


head of security

Nori (officially Pensa Cola von Gran Peregrino) was abandoned by her breeder after she broke her jaw as a 1-month-old puppy.

We don't mind the missing tooth at all, and we love her with her 3-instead-of-4 fangs and occasional gassy surprises.

She loves sticks, and we mean it.