What we learned

It wasn’t time to give up, but a time to adapt and learn about monetization, retention, marketing etc.

Before making the game we did not make any research to find out if games like this were selling – we just jumped into the action. After the game failed, we realized Kick the Brick wasn’t the game for the players but rather for us. And, in the end, only people “like us” played the game and enjoyed it. This was not how you made success in the game industry.

All that aside, we just didn’t get lucky enough, and that is a really important factor as we later discovered.

So before making the next project, we did a big research:

  • which types of games were selling best (casual/puzzle/endless runners/shooters etc.)
  • which type of monetization is better (freemium vs premium)
  • what type of graphics was trendy
  • which games were making the biggest income (top grossing)

And most of all, we decided that whatever we make, we have to create a game for the players, not for ourselves. Our personal gaming preferences shouldn’t be put first when deciding on the next project. We also decided that we should be innovative regarding game mechanics, but not game monetization. We turned our eyes towards the world of free to play and the top grossing games.