Unity & Playmaker

The landscape of game development shifted very quickly. Unity grew very strong, and it started offering an indie-friendly plan. The community around it grew so fast we just had to jump in. We switched to Unity, and we never looked back!

The greatest thing about Unity was getting a perfect working environment in a two-person team. With code-based Cocos2d we always needed to wait for one another, even with small tasks. Our pipeline was not effective, our game design options were limited.

Another fantastic thing about Unity was the freedom to extend the game engine by writing custom editors in C#. At Gamezaur, we spent a lot of time creating tools for rapid development. Even in the Cocos2D days, we had tons of bash scripts for automating the daily tasks. We just hate the tedious work – if something can be automated, we always find a way to do it. The time saved this way always pays off!

Along with Unity, we discovered visual scripting with Playmaker. It allowed us to embrace the prototyping as the foundation for future projects. Ideas could be now quickly brought to life, while big “programming guns” can do tedious maintenance and wait for “the great ideas” to emerge.