Tiny Hoglets

We tried experimenting with different graphic themes. We already had one game set in space, and one in a flat style. This time we wanted something new entirely… something cute! This is how we came up with Tiny Hoglets.

Tiny Hoglets was our first game to introduce the main character

Tiny Hoglets was also based on Jewel Galaxy engine, but it introduced the main character – a tiny hedgehog. The game was packed with animations – especially the level menu was very filled with action. This screen took us months to create. We invented a special scripting convention in Objective-C to serialize the animations. The final effect was performing really well even on oldest devices.

Animated level menu for Tiny Hoglets was very time-consuming.
Our attempt to be cute was a bit misfired

Unfortunately, Tiny Hoglets didn’t live up to the expectations. AppStore was packed with cute match-3 games so the competition was huge. We only got mediocre featurings and the game was quickly forgotten. Only the fans of the Jewel Galaxy and Dotello┬ámanaged to get to it thanks to cross-promotion.

On top of that, let’s face it. It’s really hard to make a cute character and our tiny hoglet just wasn’t cute enough to stand next to Cut the Rope’s Om Nom and the others. We acknowledged this and we moved on. Another lesson learned, I guess?

More info and download links: Tiny Hoglets