Time to catch some air

It was a real marathon. We were utterly exhausted by the Bulkypix situation and by working with the same game engine for so long. We decided to have a little break of development. This was time for some experiments, time for learning new tools and small solo projects. One of them was a very simple game called Dot Lines. That one was created with Buildbox, a simple game creation software.

Thankfully our games well doing really well and kept providing us with a steady, passive income. Financial struggles we had with Bulkypix were starting to fade away.

Around that time, a game engine we used from the start – Cocos2d for iPhone was abandoned in development. This open-source project made our dream possible in the early days, but the mobile market was changing too fast for them to keep up.

The desire to create something extraordinary grew in us, and we needed big guns for that. Luckily, nature hates the vacuum – when one game engine goes down, you can be sure that another one will take its place. A big gun we needed was knocking at our door.