Ten Buttons

‘Let’s make a quick game!’ – this thought began Ten Buttons. A simple prototype made during a holiday week grew quickly.

Our inspiration with this project was a board game we loved to play as kids – Reversi. Bringing the colors to this all-time classic was a great starting point for creating the whole new game mechanics.

When we designed Ten Buttons, we have put the maximum effort into two things: creating innovative gameplay and crisp visual effects. The art direction in Ten Buttons is very functional – threads connecting the buttons show the live preview of every move before you make it. This feature is crucial for planning the moves ahead.

The clothing theme fitted just perfect – sweet but not childish. All the colorful buttons, scissors, and falling threads are playing nicely with dozens of shiny particle effects.

Ten Buttons is translated into 22 languages and features our custom weekly tournament system.

See how the game evolved from the very start:

Ah, the very first version. Precious!


For a long time the game was called Tentoken, and was a generic puzzle, without particular graphic theme
First (failed) attempt to add a theme to the game. Casino turned out to be a dead end 🙂
When we figured out that items could be sewing buttons, we knew we had a winner! Here is an early stage of the new direction.
And here is the final effect. Neat!