Ten Buttons turned out to be a great game. Very addictive once you understood the rules.. but not everyone found it easy to start. Mostly because they didn’t have the patience to finish the tutorial. In our opinion instructions were near perfect, but wouldn’t it be better if a game didn’t need a tutorial at all? A puzzle game should speak in any language.. so to speak 🙂

We started prototyping some new ideas, and one of them turned out to be incredibly playable, but very easy to grasp. Everyone we showed it to was hooked instantly, and the game didn’t need to explain anything. Now that was something we were searching for a casual game!


The idea was to arrange simple blocks on the board to create a bigger shape. The pieces would then merge into a bigger shape but only if all the little dots were light up. We wanted the game to be a peaceful experience so that you can focus and relax at the same time. Everything from the ambient music, progressing sound effects to the atmospheric backgrounds was designed to maximize the zen-like experience.

Since we really liked working with Perspecto, we decided to make it a premium, level-based puzzler. It didn’t take us a long time to finish this game and we had a great time doing it.