Rings Remastered & GOTD!

We decided to rewrite Rings from scratch. It was originally released in a near-prototype form, and in many ways, it wasn’t ready for the popularity it had gotten. We had thousands of active players literally addicted to the game, but they were struggling with most basic problems. And they were writing demanding emails 🙂 When you have a golden goose in your farm, you sure as hell need to take care of her.

The remastering was a quick process – in two months we had a brand new, stable and very efficient replacement. It’s nice to see how your experience pays off.

Quickly after that, Rings got a powerful Game of The Day featuring worldwide.

Rings with Game of The Day featuring

Since iOS 10, Game of the Day featurings are presented every day. Take a look what Apple wrote in their Game of The Day article:

“Ring ring. Ring, ring. Damn, that’s one too many. And that third one’s the wrong colour. It’s OK, we can work this out, we’re masters of the grid.

In Rings tension is real. A puzzle game where every move has consequences, it puts you in control of your own fate. So, don’t mess it up. One wrong move and it’s game over. Take a risk that comes off, however, and it’s score bonus time.

The premise is simple – match at least three rings of a single colour to remove them from the grid and watch your score get a tidy boost.

Each play space on the 3 x 3 grid can accommodate three rings at a time – one small, one medium and one large, so it’s all about fitting these pieces of the puzzle together. You can have a winning match when your colour correct trio is along a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Or when all three sit on a single spot. Got it? The trouble is you don’t always get dealt individual rings. And those newly dropping combos rarely fit into your plans.

Rings. is a game where you’ve got to have a bit of foresight but always be ready to adapt. With a fine line between success and failure, it will have you cursing and celebrating in equal measure, but always coming back for more”

Our games are getting noticed more and more. Thanks, Apple! Thank you, players! ❤