Problems in paradise

Things weren’t so great with Bulkypix those days. Our payments started to get delayed and this delay grew slowly but continuously. At some point, it reached 7 months, so in August we were getting the money earned in January! Imagine our frustration – we were giving the best of us, working 24/7 and not getting paid right. We were getting some money, but just enough not to break the deal. Looking at the chart of game incomes could not pay the bills, so to speak.

It was also getting really hard to communicate with them on a daily basis, as they avoided even the most simple conversations. Bulkypix was having severe financial issues, but we were kept in the dark. They convinced us that the problem was temporary and we would be paid soon. And they repeated the same story every month…

Publishing another game with Bulkypix was not so obvious. Somehow we felt we owed them – after all they had faith in us at the beginning. Things might still turn around for them, but the lousy communication was a problem. We decided to stay loyal, and we signed a contract for another game. Looking back, it was a big mistake.