Maintaining & Updates

Some of our earlier projects became a bit outdated. Over the years, we spent a lot of time re-writing the game engine to fit the new technologies and OS versions, and there were some side effects. And the technology was changing so fast! For example, Android was a great part of the project and it was no longer supported. We were afraid that so many games in our portfolio will force us to maintain them full time. And we wanted to move forward!

Also, our games were level-based and they just needed new content. Each level pack always included a new feature, and sometimes it was a real challenge to invent something new, still fitting the game. We tried to outsource this, but this ended very bad for us – the games lost some quality and we had a lot of unsatisfied users. This caused even more work for us since we had to fix the problems ourselves.

But it all turned out well. All bugs are fixed, made some new content and the games finally got the great refreshment (probably the last one of this size!) At this point, our games combined had more than 1000 levels!