Jewel Galaxy released!

The game was launched right in the middle of the Christmas. Around that time chance to be featured is very small but if you make it – you are a winner. On Christmas, people just buy new games like crazy ­čÖé

So instead of having a holiday time with our families, we had our iPhones under the Christmas tables clicking refresh button as crazy. Then it happened. We were there. WE WERE FEATURED. That was the first moment we believed that it was happening for real and that finally, we would be able to make a living from the games. The perfect Christmas present! ^^

That was the peak of our good relationship with Bulkypix. We even sent them a Christmas postcard!

In the following months, we submitted a lot of updates with new maps and features. Almost every update we made received “Best new game updates” featuring. The game was growing fast. A few months later we got the main banner in China.

We felt much more secure so we started to think about a next game. We learned that after iOS 7 Americans loved the flat and minimalist design. That led to the idea of Dotello, an offspring project of Jewel Galaxy. Of course, JG still needed to be maintained, so we ended up working on two projects simultaneously.

More info and download links: Jewel Galaxy