The first meet

We met in 2010 – an artist and a coder, two guys who wanted to try to be game developers. Both of us were working full time in our jobs so we began to learn the game development from the scratch in our spare time. Our passion and friendship grew very quickly as we shared the same dream – make games for a living.

We decided to call ourselves Game Pocket Studio. We felt we needed a logo right away – so classic way to start! 😉

Logo concepts

Right after that, we started our first game. During the first months, we spent most of our free time discussing the ideas and our discoveries in the gaming industry. We didn’t know anything but maybe that made the whole thing so exciting… The day only had 24 hours and we had problems combining daytime work, after time game development and a personal life. That last one was probably suffering most from our determination.

One of the first game-idea brainstorm. An ancient artifact in the background – iPhone 3G 🙂