The first publisher

We were gaining momentum fast.

With Kick the Brick we went solo and didn’t use any help. This time we decided to find a publisher that would expose our game to the larger audience. The hunt began – we pitched our prototype to several mobile publishers and it wasn’t long before we found one!

Bulkypix was a leading mobile game publisher from France, and they wanted to work with us. What could go wrong, right? A few weeks of negotiations and we signed our first publishing contract. We were in heaven since they offered us some upfront money to fund the development!

As we later learned the upfront money was just a loan that we needed to return with high percentage. On top of that, the fact they gave us the money weakened our negotiating position all the way down. But all that aside, we just needed that money! So all things considered it wasn’t a bad move.

We were extremely motivated to prove we were a good investment and we worked 24/7 to do that. Cooperation with them went smoothly and very professional at that time.