3 Cubes

In 2015 we created the last offspring project of Jewel Galaxy called 3 Cubes.

In some ways, 3 Cubes were trying to take the best from Dotello and Jewel Galaxy – a simplistic design and dark background exposing colorful items.

3 Cubes were the last child of Jewel Galaxy, and yet one of the most profitable.

We went through the same path again, and luckily we were rewarded. 3 Cubes did great in the store and along with Dotello and Jewel Galaxy they made the big 3 of the match-3, so to speak.

However, it was getting obvious that we needed to let go of our well exploited match-3 engine and find new challenges. Months passed fast, and we realized that we were stuck in one place way too long. We were making enough money to get by, but not enough to expand. We also felt we were close to burning out – how long could we keep developing the same product full time? We really needed a change.

More info and download links: 3 Cubes